Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Renaissance 旧欢心爱 Episode 6 : Old English Library Style

Summary: Old HDB flat in Tanjong Pagar uses 2 different old doors which seems like savaged Main doors. With a small budget, Bryan got this 2 door replaced with this very budget friendly door. Painting doors in bright Tiffany blue to match the rich library theme, who says you have to be rich to be smart.
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Theme : Old English Library

Featured products :
Classic door 6 panel - hollow-core MDF molded door 
Cost Per door @ $210+GST
To achieve the look, paint the door with the same color of the interior color. Matching hues makes it more uniform & less messy.

PRO-SAFE TF600-630 Key-in-lever set

Since only Mdm Yeo is staying in this flat, we felt that senior friendly locks is essential. PRO-SAFE Key-in-lever are the best sellers not just because they are just trendy, great value and durable. They are easier to use compare to conventional knobs for seniors or patients who suffer weak grip problems. Also seen in older post.

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