Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Edgefield Plains - March 10

Fairly young couple of Edgefield Plains came with a designer for this resale flat.
Since condition is very new, however older doors are light colored wood.
Thus, they had replaced the 3 bedroom doors & had repainted the Fire-rated Maindoor to match their new interior and furnishings.

Veneer selected is the most popular model Art No. 888, [probably know as HUAT HUAT HUAT]
European Walnut unlike common Walnut has a more Orange hue, thus giving that warmer & rich feel to the wood grain.

Also, feature wall covering the bomb-shelter door also has stainless steel trimmings,
so the designer also proposed a steel insert on the door.
Room Doors
Door veneer selected : Art No. 888 Recon Euro Walnut with 1 stainless steel inlay
Lockset : PRO-SAFE TF600-630 SN key-in-lever set

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