Saturday, October 22, 2011

Renaissance 旧欢心爱 Episode 7 : Minimalist

Summary: 3 bedroom flat in Bukit Merah gone for its make over. From a cramp & cluttered to stream line minimalist. How they do it? Other than throwing away all the stuff toys and unwanted barang-barang?

Answer : Uniformity.
When we talk about minimalism, Interior designers are obsessed with tiles, paint, laminates & fabric samples because to they want to avoid “too much going on” look. Having a large mixtures of random colors or texture makes the space look untidy.

This episode truly shows what we are known for. We seamlessly incorporate our doors into the interior, matching our doors with the furniture. The rare perfection in matchy-matchy even gave our host goosebumps. 

Click image for larger view

Also in this episode, Bryan had created this wall installation by reusing waste wood planks. These planks are actually raw materials leftovers from doors. We prepared them in 3 different thickness, cut into squares and ready to be used as wall tiles! Being Green & looking good is made so easy.

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Theme : Minimalist

Featured products :
Natural Teak Veneer door
Since door is right beside the TV console, we found the closest match to it and the result is really decent. In the photo, the door appear darker because TV console is mounted 3 inches in front of the wall while door is 2 inches behind the wall.

Click image for larger view

PRO-SAFE TF600-630 Key-in-lever set
As PRO-SAFE is the major sponsor for this program and also there are 2 elderly in this household, we are using again TF600-630. 

Wall Tiles in Ash, Cherry and Teak wood veneers.

After the episode aired, we have some contractors & home owners coming in to purchase them. Home owners requested them to be finished with matt lacquer while some wants them raw.

The following are the unit rates for each 
300cm x 300cm

3mm - $4.00 finished, $2.50 raw

6mm - $5.00 finished, $3.50 raw

9mm - $6.00 finished, $4.50 raw
Planks are complete with mounting tapes for DIY.

Cost estimates

7 by 7 Finished [above]

8pcs 9mm $6 each, 
6pcs 6mm $5 each,
25pcs 3mm $4 each.

Total 49pcs @ $228, 
$243.96 w/ GST

8 by 2 Finished [Right]

3pcs 9mm $6 each,
5pcs 6mm $5 each,
8pcs 3mm $4 each.

Total 16pcs @ $75, 
$80.25 w/ GST

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