Friday, May 10, 2013

Samsung SHS6020 vs New SHS5050

This is our second post for Samsung.
Recently, we recent the demo for the new SHS5050 [bottom Right], this Black stallion really looks like a facelift from the earlier RED DOT design winner SHS6020 [bottom Left]

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Our first impression of this is like a strip down version of SHS 6020. SHS6020 came with the Premium Aluminum front and SHS5050 is without. We suppose this is constructed using the same platform.
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Comparing the sizes, we can see the both measurements are very close. with a difference in a few milimeters. Looking that the material of SHS5050, its a black high gloss acrylic which looks very minimalist and stealth. However compared to SHS6020, the Aluminum does give a level of class while highlighting the number pad and card reader.

The new range now has 2 mortice options for both SHS6020 and SHS5050 the earlier 110mm mortice and the new 240mm mortice. This will better replace the current door locks and address the local locks specification in Singapore. Watch the video of the 2 models below.

In the video, we talked about the aesthetic, operational, and display panels difference.
Comparing the features, we found both brochures similar.

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However, after we tested both in our office, we found out that SHS 5050 uses a new software which has 2 more functions than SHS6020.

1. One Touch Anti-Theft setup
This feature is found in the newer models like SHS3320 and SHS5230. One Touch Anti-Theft setup is available once door is close and from the outside, a "HOME" icon will be lighted on the keypad. Once tabbed, it will secure the home from outside and any exit from inside the house will trigger off the alarm. This function typically applies when bugler climb through the window and tries to exit from the front door. Also, some home-owners uses this to catch maids from moon-lighting.
Talk to us if you would like to discuss about your security needs @ 6442 4904.

2. Dual-Verification setup option
Like SHS3320 and SHS5230, this is also a new feature on newer software platform. You can now activate double verification via Pin code then Card to increase security. However, we do not recommend home owners to activate this feature as it may cause more inconvenience. Typically, this function is commonly use for commercial users and maybe the study room where there are valuables or confidential documents.

The last a major difference is Price,
SHS6020 RRP $1,080 - Current Promo Price $850.00
SHS5050 RRP $980 - Current Promo Price $788.00
Price in RED are valid from May - June, Price is inclusive of installation and GST.
Both packing comes complete with 2 RFID Key chains, 2 RFiD cards and 2 mechanical Keys.
Order within May 2013 and recieve 2 free RFiD cards worth $30.

In summary, we see this New SHS5050 as a update to the current Samsung SMART door lock collection. By reducing cost on the Aluminum front panel and its ring LED animation, its able to make its selling price more competitive against other digital locks. Also, the new software also gives users more options in managing their security preference.

However, we feel that SHS5050 will not take over the SHS6020 market, as design conscious users may still prefer SHS6020 for its cool design. Personally, i just can't get enough of the TRON-like circular animation of the Red LED.