Friday, June 1, 2012

Grazia Italia for Shrek Castle in Universal Studio Sentosa

Its been almost 2 years since we supplied this handles, due to confidential reason we are not to reveal before the opening in late 2010.

When approach by the contractors, we were to submit a few designs. At first, used our current Spanish selection of BRONCES MESTRE Art. 3650 Linea Mailand. We had then spray paint in matte black and is was accepted as the internal.

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However for the external, the designers wanted something less elaborate and more robust. There were no such handles in our city and the only way is to customized. 

We approach handle manufacture Grazia Italia for their technical specialty and their engineers sketched the flatten design for such. We went through many rounds of redesign, improving fittings and durability. This is the final product!

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The design was then set for production and the installed handles are impressive. Thou, such handles will seldom work with our modern interiors, but this is really an interesting project for us. 
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Castle door

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Exit Castle door

To bring home a piece of rustic and art-deco, consider BRONCES MESTRE Art. 3650 Linea Mailand in Old Antique Brass. This is the original look before we sent them for spray paint.


Article No: MESTRE 0A 3650 AB

Material: Die-cast Brass,  
Finish: Antique Brass

 Handle only - SGD 98.00

Complete with Lockset* - SGD 158.00
* PRO-SAFE lock set for new door only. 

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