Monday, August 23, 2010

Nim Road - April 10

This private property tuck away in a quiet part of Singapore has a nice facing a open field. External facade seem very much like a resort, however interior is modern with white marble and a large full glass panels facing the green.

As design is relatively minimal, Client have very clear ideas of the color theme. They had chosen some shades of walnut to shortlist to match their cabinets. Thus keeping everything simple and uniform.

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Main Entrance Door
Door veneer selected : Art No. 257 Recon Mocha Walnut [New! 2010]
Handle : grazia italia PH205 900mm Hairline SS with Narrow Esclutcheon Cover [New! 2010]
Mortice Lockset : PRO-SAFE 85x60mm European-profile roller mortice SUS304
Cylinder : PRO-SAFE 70mm TT European-profile Cylinder

Master Bedroom Door
Sliding door was used as regular swing door could swing into the glass bathroom door. 
Thus, client had chosen a Sliding door to avoid damaging glass door. Also, Veneer as also carefully select to match wardrobe Eco-series laminates.

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Door veneer selected : Art No. 820 Recon Spring Ebony [New! 2010]

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Lockset : Kolm Sliding door mortice with Square recess handle
Sliding Track : NISIN CLiQ system 


When it comes to door gadget, Our crew in Contat are always very excited to test & share systems with everyone. NISIN CLiQ system is a revolutionary system, designed in Japan, that uses a special CLiQ mechanism to keep door securely close or open. This sliding system can solve common problems like air-conditioning leakage caused by gaps in sliding door when doors rolls back.