Monday, September 17, 2012

Renaissance 旧欢心爱 Episode 13 : Atas-Opulence

Summary: Final Episode! Bryan wants this final episode to go over the top which they reserve this largest flat, 5 bedroom flat in Pasir Ris for this make over. 

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Huge rectangle living that seems kind of bare. Watch how Bryan convert this into cosy haven.
Adding timber strips to create panels, painting walls to warm grey, with Versace inspired textile
This space looks like a page from Versace home catalog. Click here for Versace Interior web

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Theme : Opulence

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Featured products :
Classic door 3 panel - hollow-core MDF molded door 
Cost Per door @ $210+GST


PRO-SAFE TF600-630 Key-in-lever set
As PRO-SAFE is the major sponsor for this program and also there are 2 elderly in this household, we are using again TF600-630.