Tuesday, December 6, 2011

KLEIS : Apriti & Sesamo by Philippe Starck

This year marks the 20th anniversary for Philippe Starck with Italian handle maker KLEIS Design.
The Kleis brand name came into being in 1991, stemming from the experience and technology acquired in the RDS company’s research and development centre. RDS was originally established  in 1945, specialising in the production of handles and home-furnishings in general. In a pure Bauhaus spirit, Kleis’s objective is that of challenging established designers to work on such apparently banal objects/functions as handles. Enrico Baleri and Claudio Caramel are the coordinators of the project, while Philippe Starck, Hannes Wettstein, Flavio Albanese and Riccardo Dalisi are responsible for the first designs characterised by technological innovation and the use of new or rediscovered materials such as polycarbonate or glass, stainless steel and polyurethane resins. The continuity of the brand is confirmed by the appointment of Enrico Baleri/eb&c as art director. The focus of the Kleis project is design: research interpreted through diverse idioms and enriching the symbolic role of the object, proposing the handle as a non-invasive envoy of avant-garde design.

In the design circuit, S+ARCK is definitely one of the most heard names. Establish as a Architect and also well know in product designs, especially daring and mostly iconic. From the Iconic architectures like Tokyo Asahi beer hall 1999 to Chairs, lamps, watches & almost anything else, he's done it. The S+ARCK name is very sort after for its iconic designs and thus earning him the reputation. 

Asahi Beer Hall, Tokyo
Born in Paris, 1949, designer and architect. Among the world’s most sought-after product
designers for his originality and prolificacy, he has also been working with architectural planning
in more recent years. In 1968 he founded Quasar, a company that produced inflatable objects.
From 1971-72 he was artistic director of Pierre Cardin; in 1979 he opened a design studio at Monfort l’Amaury. He also created his own manufacturing company.

He made headlines when François Mitterand commissioned him to redecorate the interiors of the
Elysée Palace in 1984. Designer of numerous chic clubs in Paris, New York and Tokyo, he is the winner of important prizes such as the Grand Prix National de la Création Industrielle (1988)
and the Honor Award of the American Institute of Architetcts, 1992, for the Paramount Hotel in New York. In addition to being an active teacher,he works in every aspect of the design field, collaborating with world’s most prestigious firms in the creation of furniture, consumer goods and even vehicles.

APRITI by Philippe Starck, 1991

“Open, please, open!”
Or perhaps: “don’t open that door!”
Starck plays on our dreams and fears,
two arching line converging
in a surprisingly sensual,
technical and graceful form
that references the Napoletano cornet.

Some say it looks like Chili while some say it looks like a sperm, you decide.
Die-cast aluminium,

- Polished Chrome [in picture]
- Matt Silver


Handle only - SGD 530.00

Complete with Lockset* - SGD 680.00
* Glutz swiss-made lock set for new door only. 

Delivery Lead-time 
45-60 days to upon confirmation with deposit

SESAMO by Philippe Starck, 1991

Provocative, transgressive, sarcastic,
Sesamo has the volume of a knob,
but in reality that volume’s virtual,
it’s empty;  it has the winged structure
of a handle, but this wing’s nothing 
more than an accent.
A design wrong-footing the eye
and the hand, an invitation to play,
to have a different take on things.

Die-cast aluminium,

- Polished Chrome [in picture]

- Matt Silver


Handle only - SGD 580.00

Complete with Lockset* - SGD 730.00

* Glutz swiss-made lock set for new door only. 

Delivery Lead-time 
45-60 days to upon confirmation with deposit


For sales & delivery email : Enquiry@contatdecor.com

Monday, November 21, 2011

Yale Digital Door Lock Year End Promotion with Free Fire Safe 03/12/11 - 24/12/11

Its year end and Yale is doing another promotion.
This time with purchase of either YDM 4109 or YDM 3109, you will get a fire-safe YFM-420-FG2 FREE [Worth $699]!!
Click Image for larger view

By far this is the most attractive offer base on previously the best value was YDR4110 @ $688.

Note: Safe is self-collection from another vendor @ their Kaki Bukit Warehouse
Collection of safe can only be done after installation of YDM 4109 or 3109. Thus buying for later installation is not allowed.

This premium fire-safe is very heavy [36Kg], so we have negotiated with vendor to offer delivery service @ $50 per trip island wide, While delivery + installation @ $70 per safe.

However, this time round, Gifts are extremely limited. Thus explains the shorter promotional window. 

We expect this deal to be fully redeemed within the first week. Thus to offer the best for our customers we are accepting pre-orders from now till 2 Dec or for the first 50 units..

Simply email to enquiry@contatdecor.com with following:
Subject : Pre-Order Yale year end promo

Name : 

Contact : 
Intended Installation Date: Latest by 7 JAN 2012
Yale DDL : YDM4109 or  YDM3109

Details of Products: 

Video Demo Yale YDR 4109

Download Yale YDR 3109 PDF Brochure: 

Video Demo Yale YDR 3109 :

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Renaissance 旧欢心爱 Episode 7 : Minimalist

Summary: 3 bedroom flat in Bukit Merah gone for its make over. From a cramp & cluttered to stream line minimalist. How they do it? Other than throwing away all the stuff toys and unwanted barang-barang?

Answer : Uniformity.
When we talk about minimalism, Interior designers are obsessed with tiles, paint, laminates & fabric samples because to they want to avoid “too much going on” look. Having a large mixtures of random colors or texture makes the space look untidy.

This episode truly shows what we are known for. We seamlessly incorporate our doors into the interior, matching our doors with the furniture. The rare perfection in matchy-matchy even gave our host goosebumps. 

Click image for larger view

Also in this episode, Bryan had created this wall installation by reusing waste wood planks. These planks are actually raw materials leftovers from doors. We prepared them in 3 different thickness, cut into squares and ready to be used as wall tiles! Being Green & looking good is made so easy.

Watch episode:

Theme : Minimalist

Featured products :
Natural Teak Veneer door
Since door is right beside the TV console, we found the closest match to it and the result is really decent. In the photo, the door appear darker because TV console is mounted 3 inches in front of the wall while door is 2 inches behind the wall.

Click image for larger view

PRO-SAFE TF600-630 Key-in-lever set
As PRO-SAFE is the major sponsor for this program and also there are 2 elderly in this household, we are using again TF600-630. 

Wall Tiles in Ash, Cherry and Teak wood veneers.

After the episode aired, we have some contractors & home owners coming in to purchase them. Home owners requested them to be finished with matt lacquer while some wants them raw.

The following are the unit rates for each 
300cm x 300cm

3mm - $4.00 finished, $2.50 raw

6mm - $5.00 finished, $3.50 raw

9mm - $6.00 finished, $4.50 raw
Planks are complete with mounting tapes for DIY.

Cost estimates

7 by 7 Finished [above]

8pcs 9mm $6 each, 
6pcs 6mm $5 each,
25pcs 3mm $4 each.

Total 49pcs @ $228, 
$243.96 w/ GST

8 by 2 Finished [Right]

3pcs 9mm $6 each,
5pcs 6mm $5 each,
8pcs 3mm $4 each.

Total 16pcs @ $75, 
$80.25 w/ GST

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Renaissance 旧欢心爱 Episode 6 : Old English Library Style

Summary: Old HDB flat in Tanjong Pagar uses 2 different old doors which seems like savaged Main doors. With a small budget, Bryan got this 2 door replaced with this very budget friendly door. Painting doors in bright Tiffany blue to match the rich library theme, who says you have to be rich to be smart.
Watch episode:

Theme : Old English Library

Featured products :
Classic door 6 panel - hollow-core MDF molded door 
Cost Per door @ $210+GST
To achieve the look, paint the door with the same color of the interior color. Matching hues makes it more uniform & less messy.

PRO-SAFE TF600-630 Key-in-lever set

Since only Mdm Yeo is staying in this flat, we felt that senior friendly locks is essential. PRO-SAFE Key-in-lever are the best sellers not just because they are just trendy, great value and durable. They are easier to use compare to conventional knobs for seniors or patients who suffer weak grip problems. Also seen in older post.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Renaissance 旧欢心爱 on Channel 8 Aug-Sept 2011

It has been quite an experience for us to part-take in Channel 8 旧欢心爱 Renaissance. Hosted by Bryan Wong 王禄江, Unlike any other home makeover program, this, we felt that there was a real need to help some of these families. From some partial sponsorships to fully sponsored materials, all this bits & pieces are transformed to fit into this revamped homes. Here's a bit of us giving back to the society.

In our following post, there will be some of the weblinks for the video and the low down on the products featured. Watch episodes

From http://entertainment.xin.msn.com/zh/tv/channel-8/programmes/renaissance.aspx?cp-documentid=4868111 


自6月3日起,每逢星期五,晚上8点 Debuts: 3 Jun, Every Fri, 8.00pm




Every furniture has a story to tell - Years later, when the furniture becomes the treasured memory of the past, would you bear to discard it?
Discarding old furniture that does not fit with your interiors of your home is not the only option. Going green and yet maintaining the precious memory is possible with some ingenuity. In this new programme Renaissance, Bryan Wong works together with a family and creatively injects new life into old, worn-out furniture so that it not only looks modern, but retains fond memories as well.
Each week, a family will be selected and Bryan will pay them a visit to their home. After Bryan familiarizes himself with the situation, he gets the keys of the house from the owner, thereby being in charge of the revamping. The owners will then stay away from their houses while Bryan embarks on his project, and will only return after all works have been completed, seeing a new transformation to their home.

Exclusive Online Series
Come here for exclusive online series that can't be found on TV! The series will explore, step by step, the creativity process that goes behind Bryan's revamping of the furniture.
You might be inspired to give a new look to an existing piece of furniture!

Also available in on ntv7 Thursdays 11pm 

Renaissance 旧欢心爱

随着“时光电台”的落幕,ntv7将从7月28日开始,每逢星期四晚上11点为您送上全马电视首播的新加坡最新实况节目 “旧欢心爱”。全长13集、每集30分钟的“旧欢心爱”由名嘴王禄江主持,节目中他将为过时、破损的家具注入新生命。
每张椅子都有个故事,你是否还记得童稚时祖父就坐在心爱的藤椅上,听着音乐的情景吗?藤椅蕴藏回忆,谁舍得丢弃?为此,创意无限的才子主持王禄江每 个星期会登门造访一户人家,用他源源不断的巧思妙想与参与者共同发挥创意,改造客厅,並秉持再生、再用、再循环的理念,为这些家庭成员恋恋不舍的旧家具改 头换面。

Monday, July 25, 2011

New! Yale YDR1211 Introduction Bundle Promo 22/7/11 - 04/09/11

 Click image for larger view

Yale introduce YDR 1211 with Buy 1 get 1 Promo.
Buy either YDM3109 or YDM4109 and get the latest YDR1211 for free
Not valid with other promotions and discount.
While stock last or till 04/09-11

All New! Yale YDR 1211 digital door lock 
This series targets basic Digital lock needs with NO RFiD or Biometric. This is a pure pin-code with key back up mechanical key overwrite.

Click image for larger view

Since Yale discontinues YDR2110, there has been not replacement in the Rim lock category till YDR1211. This model is much improved with the latest invisible touchpad.

YDR1211 also is a perfect solution for sliding doors, its T-Bolt hook-like claws will be able to secure the sliding door from sliding and stays secure. We recommend NISIN CLiQ Sliding system to work with YDR1211. When applied to double leaf door T-Bolt improves Jimmy-proof and prevent door from opening. 

Other basic features such as, automatic locking, alarm and etc.

 Click image for larger view

Details measurements as follows:
Click image for larger view
Yale YDR 1211 Digital Door lock is available from 23 July 2011 and will be retailing at $488.00 incl GST.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ECO-Core Doors, sustainable material for the future

Going green is the only business direction for sustainability.
Environmental issues such as carbon emission and global warming are partially contributed by excessive deforestation. Authorities had stepped in to cut down on deforestation. Especially in our trade, wood supply are getting lesser and thus driving wood prices higher.

A part of our new eco-friendly initiatives, we are constantly looking for more efficient and sustainable materials to make new doors while reducing cost.


Timber chips commercial waste from saw mills which are discarded in tonnes monthly. German Eco-engineers had spend years of R&D to develop technologies to reuse this waste thus maximizing every tree we cut.

The Eco-core boards Technology, 
the new solution for solid-core doors.
Timber waste are chipped, dried and glued through a channel under the compactor between the heating plates. The glued particles harden under pressure and heat forms ECO-Core Boards.

Ask for ECO-Core option the next time you buy a door.

The special material – Characteristics and advantages
Tubes reduce the weight
of the ECO-Core board
by up to 65% compared
to solid boards.

ECO-Core board
has a guaranteed
thickness tolerance
of +/- 0.1 mm.

Even a pressure of up to
20 kg/cm² will not cause
any deformation of the
ECO-Core board.

1. The extrusion method to produce tubular ECO-Core boards:
  • Weight reduction (up to 60%)
  • Waste reduction
  • Eco-friendly
2. The particles are positioned vertically to the surface of the board:
  • low thickness swelling (guaranteed tolerance of +/- 0.1 mm)
  • great impact resistance (pressure of up to 20 kg/cm²)
  • high flexibility
  • good performance for sound insulation
3. Homogeneous density over the whole cross section of the board:
  •  Equally high screw withdrawal on every part of the board

Friday, June 10, 2011

Yale Digital Door Lock for GSS 2011

Great Singapore Sale is here! Yale will be participating in this GSS with the following promotions. 

Promo 1: In House Promo
Launching officially on 13/6/11, 
Buy either Yale YDM 3109 or YDM 4109 Digital Door Lock and choose 2 bundle packs.
Buy either Yale YDR 2108, YDR3110 or YDR4110 Digital Door Lock and  choose 1 bundle packs
Promotion period 13/6/2011 to 31/07/2011
 Click image to enlarge

 Click image to enlarge
Terms & Conditions:-
  • Price above includes installation of Digital door lock and GST.
  • Free Gift does not include installation and is non exchangable for Cash or other models.
  • Promotion Period 1st Jun 11 31th August 11
  • Redemption of Bundle pack/s will only be available in Contat Decoration & Transport PTE LTD
  • Customer will need to provide full payment before collection of bundle pack/s
  • Free Gift is to be collected by 31st August 2011, no extension will be entertained.

Promo 2: To publish on TODAY papers
Launching officially on 13/6/11,
Buy either Yale YDM 3109 or YDM 4109 Digital Door Lock and get a free Wire-free Alarm.
Promotion period 13/6/2011 to 31/07/2011

Terms & Conditions:-
  • Price above includes installation and GST.
  • Free Gift is non exchangable for Cash or other models.
  • Promotion Period 13th Jun 11 30th July 11
  • A Redemption Letter will be given to customer upon installation, if no installation needed, Letter will be given to dealer upon collection.
  • Customer will need to present Redemption Letter @ Yale Security Point
  • Free Gift is to be collected by 31st August 2011, no extension will be entertained.
  • Customer can enquire information of Wirefree Alarm upon collection, so you can let Yale Security Point handle this enquiry.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Frascio at Tommy Hilfiger Knightbrigde

We have the privilege to supply Frascio for Tommy Hilfiger @ KnightBridge Park Hotel. 
This premium retail space have very strict theme and designers found our Frascio design collection most appealing. A special color was also required by our client thus we have to custom made and freight this handles over from Italy.

Click image to enlarge

Handle selected is Art. Code : 400/50i Nicole in matt antique brass finish.
Handle is accompanied with PRO-SAFE European Profile mortices & cylinders
Click image to enlarge

Unfortunately, we regret that we can provide any images of the retail boutique due to their policy, however if you are in the area, do pop by and have a feel of this prestigious collection.
For Residential, we recommend Art. Code : 400/45 Soft
Available in Anti-Tarnish and Scratch-Resistant INOXBrass [Brass] as well as INOXChrome [Nickel]. Both INOX series have finishing warranty that covers scratches and tarnish.

Click image to enlarge

All Frascio's finest brass-wares are Made in Italy and will be accompanied with the European Profile mortices.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Yale Smart Touchpad Digital Door Locks

Yale launches the New Smart Touchpad  Digital Door Locks.

Click Image to Enlarge

The Invisible Smart Touchpad is a touch activated keypad conceal under a clean black glass. When touched, the numbers illuminates by individual LED. Also this models are more energy saving compared to previous models. [4 batteries instead of 8]

Scramble Code is a advance PIN code input system that allow users to "Scramble" the code by adding more numbers either before or after the PIN code thus confusing by-standers.

Yale YDR 4110 Biometric Digital Door Lock

 Click image for larger view
The main feature for this DDL is the One-Touch Fingerprint Verification Method. 

Unlike older variants of glass scan [like photocopier], the one swipe action conveniently lifts the cover & swipes for verification. Lids close automatically after use with the spring loaded protection cover.
 Click image for larger view 
Front Body 19(D) x 65(W) x 163(H) mm
Back Body  36(D) X 158(W) x 85(H) mm

Download Yale YDR 4110 PDF Brochure: 

More features below

Yale YDR 3110 RFiD Digital Door Lock   
 Click image for large view
Like all DDL which comes in 2 modes access. Yale YDR 3110 uses either PIN code or RFiD. 
To activate RFiD, simply push the "Power" button & the "CARD" icon illuminate from the center of the Smart Touchpad. Tap the RFiD card to unlock. 
Click image for larger view 
Front Body 19(D) x 65(W) x 160(H) mm
Back Body  36(D) X 158(W) x 85(H) mm
More features below
Yale YDM 4109 Biometric Digital Door Lock with Mortice

 Click image for larger view
Mentioned on Previous Post, the attached Lever handle as well as a European Mortice, this has additional features on top of YDR4110.

Anti Panic Egress Function allows users to unlock automatically just by using the Safe Lever inside. This provides convenience as well as improve safety in case of emergency.

European Profile mortice also integrates with a High Security Cylinder which allows users to Over-write using mechanical key in case of low battery or failure.

Video Demo Yale YDR 4109

Yale YDM 3109 RFiD Digital Door Lock with Mortice

 Click image for larger view
Alike to YDR3110, the attached Lever handle as well as a European Mortice, this has additional features like Anti Panic Egress Function, Safe Lever inside and High Security Cylinder for Over-write using mechanical key.

Video Demo Yale YDR 3109 :