Thursday, September 30, 2010

New! Series Sottile2 : A collaboration with grazia italia x jonas.n

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Good news for all resale home owners! If you are still using the conventional old lock for your main entrance door,  you may have a good chance to update your door with this cool new handle.

Handle manufacturer grazia italia had collaborated with local designer Jonas.N to develop serie sottile2 that address cutting edge design with function. 

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Designer Jonas.N had started developing art. no. D090-i of serie sottile2 since late 08, while design fundamental are base on replacing most locks. In Singapore context, it is able to replace 4 most common HDB handles and many industrial specifications. 

serie sottile2 will be available in Singapore from Oct 2010. 

Official Brochure

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This serie sottile2 also comes equipped with grazia italia's famous 4 point securing system which improve performance and durability.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yishun Ring - June 10

From black floral feature wall with stainless steel lines  to black glitter marble flooring, seems like Black is back in home decor.

This stylist home owner have very strict colour scheme of only white walls with essences of dark grey to black spectrum.

Thus, when it comes to doors, its very hard to find doors that are in the shade of grey or black.
Laminates & paints have wide selections but can never achieve the warm natural texture of natural timber.

They had chance upon our first featured owner's blog and had engage us.

Main door

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Door veneer selected : Art No. 816 Recon Fancy Dark Oak.
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Handle selected: Grazia Italia PH205 SS/PS 900mm

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Mortice: Yale 521 60mm SN roller mortice
Cylinder : Yale H70mm T/T DK Hi-Security Cylinder with Anti-Drill side pin [5keys non-duplicate]

Additional accessories
- Door guard in Satin Nickel

- Dorma TS68 EN2-4 with Hold-open device
Door Closer are very common item for fire-rated doors. However, this also give users a lot of inconvenience as they are not able to keep still & always get themselves caught in the closing.
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Thus in this posting, we will like to take some time to introduce this new gadget call the Hold-Open Arm. In the animation below, we had exhibit that the Hold-Open device snaps and hold in position. This function come in handy when you are moving in, carrying larger items like shopping bags or just when u feel like having ventilation.

This positions can be adjusted to any position as long as it does not have obstruction. eg. the wall. This Device also becomes the best gadget when the door could not install an magnetic stopper.

Room Door 
Door veneer selected : Art No. 816 Recon Fancy Dark Oak
Addition stainless steel inlays are added  so as to follow the details of the feature wall.

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Lockset : PRO-SAFE TF600-630 SN key-in-lever set 
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yale Digital Door Lock Promo! till 31/09/10

We are now having an exclusive promotion for our Yale Digital Door Lock!

You had probably heard something of these digital door locks. 
If not, read
The convenience of not having to look for a key to open the door, no worries of forgetting to lock the door when you leave the house and the impressive gadget on your doors. 

We are now offering limited sets of 10sets each for the below models at very special price this month of September.

This offer is not valid with other promotion and discounts. While stock last.
No purchase is require to enjoy this special promotion