Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sunshine Terrace - Feb 10

Sunshine terrace project is 1 of larger residential project this year to date, 19 doors including external doors, room doors, stores & bathrooms.

Main Entrance Door
Door veneer selected : Art No. 883 Recon Wenge Horizontal Grain with 2 grooves

Handle selected : Grazia Italia PH205 SS 1200mm
Mortice: PRO-SAFE 60mm SN roller mortice
Cylinder : PRO-SAFE 70mm T/T [Masterkey system]

Room Doors
Similar door design
Door veneer selected : Art No. 883 Recon Wenge Horizontal Grain with 2 grooves
Unfortunately, we had not captured the photo of the rooms.

Handle selected: Grazia Italia LH146 solid ss lever handle

Mortice : PRO-SAFE 60mm SN Entrance mortice
Cylinder : PRO-SAFE 70mm T/T [with Masterkey system]

Bathroom doors
Sliding door saves space within the bathrooms. However, we would recommend this to be installed in dry toilets with shower screens.

Door veneer selected : Art No. 883 Recon Wenge Horizontal Grain with 2 grooves

Sliding Kit : Frascio KIT 0 satin chrome.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Types of locks for main entrance doors

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When it comes to choosing the locks for your entrance doors, upon aesthetics, each individual styles does have different functions and applications.

1. Gripset, aka bored lock or Entrance Handleset. As this lock is mostly given by HDB, its one of the most common lock in Singapore context. Key operates bolt on the top, while thumb triggers activate the latches. Typical cyclic tested for 200,000 cycles

2 & 3. European Profile Mortices is probably the second most common locks in residential & commercial. Typical cyclic tested for 500,000 cycles and are fire-rated approved. Lever styles has many varieties, on Rosette 2 or on Plate 3. This is also very versatile as components are interchangable. High-security cylinders with special keys are widely available on European profile platform, do speak with us for more details

4. ANSI Mortice Entrance set is made well known by Baldwin in Singapore, commonly seen in older condominiums projects. This look is highly robust, cyclic tested for 800,000 cycles. Look is also configure in Slam Shut while Passage function is temporary available.  ANSI can only be installed in minimum 45mm doors thus unsual in HDB estates.

5 & 6, Pull handles recently got popular in Residential areas, which we only seen them in shopping centres or office entrance. Pull handles comes in different lengths, thus positions of cylinder can vary. Common pull handles will sit on European profile roller lockcases, however occasionally on deadbolts for budget consumers. High-security cylinders with special keys are widely available on European profile platform, do speak with us for more details

Digital door locks are also getting popular with entry modes of either magnetic keys, RFid cards and Biometrics. This lock had created added convenience of not carrying keys to open the doors. 

7. Digital lock on pull handles are common for Condominium as apartments comes with pull handles and owners get a ADD-ON digital rim lock to be installed above the pull handles.

8. Also in Luxurious Condominiums, developers includes this lock as it shares the same platform for access cards to apartment locks. Thus reducing the hassle of keys or many cards.
Lever handle will sit on a mortice and bigger brands does offer Key-overwrite and even European mortice.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bedok Reservoir - Jan 10

A recent project we had done with a designer for this major renovation project of this executive mansionette. Walls are hacked and new doors were erected.

Main Entrance Door

Door veneer selected : Art No. 811 Recon Ebony Horizontal Grain

This was first being commercialize when GUESS & Sookee Boutique used this as their feature walls within their shop interiors.

Handle selected: Grazia Italia PH257 SS 900mm


Mortice: Yale 521 60mm SN roller mortice

Cylinder : Mul-T-Lock 7x7series 70mm T/T Hi-security [5keys restricted duplicate]

Additional accessories

NIZIN DH001 SS Half round door bump for floor mounting

Room Doors

Room Doors

Door veneer selected : Art No. 822 Recon Classic Ebony Vertical Grain

Very uncommon wood grain last used at St. Regis walls & ballrooms. Grain are very rich and dramatic, definitely a conversation piece.

Handle select : Ashico JL 610SS GATE.

This robust handle, made in Korea, comes with large base covers and guarantee 200,000 cycles with 25yrs mechanism warranty and 3 yrs finishing warranty. Lastly, it is also the pioneer few brands to be awarded with ISO 14001 ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

Additional accessories

Atena 983 hydraulic door closer

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bedok South - Dec 07

We shall start our 1st post with the most talked about project in this Bedok South residence. After their blog had been published, we had received many repeated inquiries about this door. http://blissndreams.blogspot.com/2008/02/changing-gate-and-door.html

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Door previously was a traditional molded door which the owner replaced it with the veneer door to suit their theme of BLACK & WHITE.

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Door veneer selected : Art No. 816 Recon Fancy Dark Oak.
Which was a dark oak veneer stain in grey and white washed

[White washing is a popular timber finishing in traditional Japanese timber products for decades]

Click on picture to zoom
Handle selected: Grazia Italia PH205 SS/PS 450mm

Click on picture to zoom
Mortice: Yale 521 60mm SN roller mortice
Cylinder : Yale H70mm T/T DK Hi-Security Cylinder with Anti-Drill side pin [5keys non-duplicate]

Additional accessories NIZIN door guard in Satin Nickel

First Post. Introduction

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