Thursday, November 22, 2012

Samsung SHS 3320 RFID Digital Deadbolt

We have been selling Samsung for the pass 4years. However, this is the first time we are featuring Samsung SMART door lock in our Blog. As we are very excited to announce the latest Digital Deadbolt.

Samsung SHS 3320 had won the very prestigious iF product design award for 2012, so for those design savvy readers, you know what this means.
The sleek body of this Digital lock has a chrome trim with a black gloss touch pad, very much like the other Samsung phones.
Like every Digital locks, it has standard features like
Pin access, RFID card access, RFID Tag access and even a Mechanical Key Overwrite all packed in to this device.

The Overwrite keys are high security with anti-bumping and side bar-marked
[like Honda car keys]

Unlike Yale, Samsung requires 2 additional random pin before entering Access Code. Thus making it impossible to guess the Access code.

To further enhance security, this is able to program Administrator pin, Multi-user individual pin and even Double authentication.

If you are using a Samsung Intercom Video Phone,
you may integrate them to enable unlocking.

This is retail at $720 incl GST
While we are running a promo of this at $650 incl GST

In the package
- SHS 3320 RFID Digital deadbolt
- 2 RFID cards
- 2 RFID key tags [Black]
- 5 mechanical keys
- Installation

- 2 year warranty

Here's a simple video demo of SHS3320 we recently shot.

What we love about this product?
1. Its really versatile.
It could be installed almost in any door. From offices to residential. Its a simple add on to existing locksets. Able to do a simple and flawless replacement with the most popular HDB gripset's deadbolt [second image] and also able to tuck right in between the pull handles which is highly popular in new condominium projects and Private homes [image on right]

Click to enlarge
2. 2 years warranty
While Yale is only offering 1 year warranty, Samsung offer 2year on site warranty.
3. It comes with 2 overwrite keys
So no worries for old folks who can manage the touch pads

4. Pink Key tags available [Purchase only @ $20each or $16 with purchase of SHS3320]

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