Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bedok South - Dec 07

We shall start our 1st post with the most talked about project in this Bedok South residence. After their blog had been published, we had received many repeated inquiries about this door.

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Door previously was a traditional molded door which the owner replaced it with the veneer door to suit their theme of BLACK & WHITE.

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Door veneer selected : Art No. 816 Recon Fancy Dark Oak.
Which was a dark oak veneer stain in grey and white washed

[White washing is a popular timber finishing in traditional Japanese timber products for decades]

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Handle selected: Grazia Italia PH205 SS/PS 450mm

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Mortice: Yale 521 60mm SN roller mortice
Cylinder : Yale H70mm T/T DK Hi-Security Cylinder with Anti-Drill side pin [5keys non-duplicate]

Additional accessories NIZIN door guard in Satin Nickel

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